Library History

1909  The Library begins in the homes of ten Bogota women. They call their organization the Bogota Book Club, and charge themselves 20 cents apiece at every meeting in order to purchase books.

1914  The Bogota Book Club prompts the formation of the Bogota Library Association in 1914. Two rooms in Borough Hall are used to house the small collections of books. Residents are charged 25 cents per year to use the Library whereas non-residents are charged one dollar.

1916  Although incorporated on March 22, 1915, it is on November 7, 1916 that residents vote to municipalize the Library giving responsibility for Library funding to the public.

1964  Federal funds make possible the construction of the one-story Library building that we use today.

1987  Construction begins on the second floor of the building to create a shared space with the Bogota Senior Citizen’s Center.

1990  The Library trustees vote to link Bogota’s collection with the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS), thus expanding its offerings.

2011  The Library is upgraded with a new carpet and updated computer desks, some comfortable seating, and a new circulation desk.

2015  Thanks to a generous donation of like-new shelving from the Princeton Hun School and Montclair Public Library, the Library undergoes a major facelift. Splashes of color on every wall, lighter and stronger shelving with more space for books, and a complete reconfiguration of space gives a better user experience for all Bogotians.

Bogota Public Library members today have access to thousands of materials, and over a million more throughout the BCCLS libraries. The Library also caters to users of all ages by offering a diverse multitude of daily, weekly, and monthly programs. Bogota Public Library prides itself on being a welcoming and helpful town institution; and it does so by bringing family and neighbors together for a lifetime of learning, inspiration, and enjoyment.

The library remains closed indefinitely.

In an effort to minimize potential exposure/transmission of COVID-19, the library will remain closed. All programs have been cancelled or postponed. Late fines will not be charged at this time. Please hold onto library materials until we reopen.

Library staff will continue to respond to voicemail messages, email and social media posts during this time. Stay healthy everyone!

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